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March 3, 2017Hey everybody! Before we dive in today’s song, I have a quick announcement: SongSwap Round 2 has officially begun but it’s not too late to jump in! What is a song swap? In short, it’s a free challenge that will multiply your repertoire for working with kids. Get all the details and sign up here: www.musictherapykids.com/songswap
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February 17, 2017How is your week going? I always start the week off with determination to conquer my to do lists and by Friday am ready for a break. This week has been no exception. I have been planning our regional music therapy conference, scheduling meetings for a new contract, and making music to share with YOU! Speaking
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February 10, 2017Wanna know a secret? I LOVE singable stories. Ok, it’s not really a secret at all. I have talked about them over and over again. I have also made super fun videos with them here, here and here. I also love to use the same song for multiple themes and seasons of the year. For
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February 3, 2017A lot has happened since I last published a blog post. Beautiful Lily Kate joined our family in October, and we moved to our brand new home just one week later. It has taken some time but we have settled in and now that I have consistent daycare, I am able to jump back in
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July 25, 2016This month I am super excited to participate again in Rachel Rambach’s Songwriting Challenge! I participated last year and shared a few of those songs right here at Music Therapy Kids. You can check them out below! Welcome to Music Time How Do I Know {to Add, Subtract, Divide, or Multiply} Tell Me {Who, What,
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Welcome!  I’m Mary, a board-certified music therapist.  I started Music Therapy Kids as a “go to” site to help others learn about music therapy and how it can impact children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.

I also strive to empower parents, teachers, and therapists to use music strategies at home or in sessions. Music makes a powerful difference in the lives of children who are special learners.

Here you’ll find helpful articles about music therapy.  You’ll find tips for incorporating music at home or into therapy sessions.  You’ll also find original songs and music strategies!

If you haven’t already – get started here and if you have any questions please contact me mary@musictherapykids.com

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