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Hello Everybody!
July 25, 2016This month I am super excited to participate again in Rachel Rambach’s Songwriting Challenge! I participated last year and shared a few of those songs right here at Music Therapy Kids. You can check them out below! Welcome to Music Time How Do I Know {to Add, Subtract, Divide, or Multiply} Tell Me {Who, What,
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Kelsey's Journey
June 17, 2016I’m back…finally! So where have I been? The past 4 months have been nothing short of tumultuous (and a bit exciting!). In mid-February I found out that I am expecting! I’m due October 25th, and we just had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound yesterday –  we are having a baby girl! I’m feeling SO much better now
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Every Little Thing
February 16, 2016Welcome to another edition of Singable Book of the Month! This month I am sharing a recent favorite – Every Little Thing adapted by Cedella Marley. I began using this book in classrooms back in October and have loved every moment since. Fun fact: I used this song frequently during my internship with adults in
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I Feel Frustrated
February 9, 2016Low frustration tolerance is a huge struggle for many of my clients with Autism and special needs. How would you feel if you knew exactly what you wanted but lacked the skills to tell someone?? How do we deal help our children and students deal with frustration? First let me say – This article is
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Advocacy Round UP
January 31, 2016Here at Music Therapy Kids we’ve been celebrating music therapy all month long! We talked about the different roles that you might play as an advocate. I also shared how those roles fit into my life personally and professionally. But today!!! Today I am excited because I thought it would be super fun to do an
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Welcome!  I’m Mary, a board-certified music therapist.  I started Music Therapy Kids as a “go to” site to help others learn about music therapy and how it can impact children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities.

I also strive to empower parents, teachers, and therapists to use music strategies at home or in sessions. Music makes a powerful difference in the lives of children who are special learners.

Here you’ll find helpful articles about music therapy.  You’ll find tips for incorporating music at home or into therapy sessions.  You’ll also find original songs and music strategies!

If you haven’t already – get started here and if you have any questions please contact me mary@musictherapykids.com

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