3D Shapes and Attributes

Today’s song brought to you by a cute little guy who needed a little extra help remembering his 3D shapes. In his class, not only are they learning the names and examples of each shape but they have to list the attributes as well.

Honestly I had to do a little research for this one and I may tweak it once I get feedback from the classroom teacher. It’s been a while since I had to think about this; each shape has a certain number of faces, edges, and vertices which must be memorized!

Using this song.  Teachers and therapists always has a plethora of teaching materials on hand so I advise using worksheets, actual objects, and pictures to accompany the song.  If you are a parent, ask your child’s teacher for things to use at home or do a quick Google search.  LOTS of materials will come up right away. If you and your child see a shape at home or when out and about, note it and sing the corresponding verse. Additionally frequent repetition will help with memorization of facts.  I know that after recording this one, I can tell you all the attributes too! Enjoy!




Shapes in 3 dimensions. That’s 3D, 3D, 3D.
3D Not flat, not flat, not flat.
3D Like the things that we can see.
3D Like the things that we can touch.
3D Like you and me!

Sphere: Like a ball or a marble. 1 curved face, no edges and no vertices. (repeat)

Cone: Like an ice cream or a party hat. 2 faces, 1 edge, 1 vertex. (repeat)

Cylinder: Like a can or a marker. 3 faces, 2 edges, no vertices. (repeat)

Repeat Chorus

Cube: Like a block or some dice. 6 faces, 12 edges, 8 vertices. (repeat)

Pyramid: Like the ones they build in Egypt. 5 faces, 8 edges, 5 vertices. (repeat)

Rectangular Prism: Like a book or a box. 6 faces, 12 edges, 8 vertices. (repeat)

Repeat Chorus


Do you know a teacher or therapist who could use this song? Please share with anyone who might benefit.  We also provide customization of existing songs in our store.  There are a lot more 3D shapes but I stuck with the basics to get started. More verses can be easily added.

Take care!



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