Counting Lights {counting by rote and 1:1 correspondence}

We have found ourselves in the holiday spirit very early this year! Over Thanksgiving, my parents and brother came to visit and I wanted our house to feel festive.  Much to my husband’s dismay, we dragged out the tree and decorated a week earlier than usual!

Lots of lights.

So far we have been to the Texas Motor Speedway to see lights, our town does a super fun light display, and we even put up a few ourselves this year.  My son has been fascinated with them since he realized he can turn them on and off by pushing a button to activate the tree! So it was pretty natural that I decided to write and share Counting Lights this month.

The song is designed to give a very melodic pattern to numbers 1-20.  You can use the blank version to count as far beyond 20 as you would like.

A few thoughts for this song:

  • If the tempo is too fast for your learner, just push pause and count slowly (or purchase a custom song in our store to get the perfect tempo).
  • Play often to allow for memorization.
  • Use real (plastic covered) lights for counting and 1:1 correspondence.
  • OR use the FREE visual available for download below.  You just print, cut out the lights, laminate, and add velcro.

FREE Counting Lights Visual



Counting the Christmas lights on our house.
You’ll see them best when it gets dark out.
Counting the Christmas lights sparkling bright.
I’ll try to count all the colorful lights.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….18, 19, 20.


Try out this song and let me know what you think.  I will be using it this week and next with my therapy clients who have goals specifically with counting a set of items up to 20 as well as rote counting to 10 or 20.

Happy Holidays and talk to you soon!


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