Friendship Hugs! {Appropriate Affection at School}

friendship hug2

It is very important that our clients, children, and/or students learn to develop appropriate social skills. This is an area that can particularly challenging, especially when those middle and high school years begin to roll around!

I was recently asked to write a song for a young man learning to show appropriate affection towards his peers and teachers.  He is learning how to give “friendship” hugs (from the side) and shake hands rather than kissing or giving other types of inappropriate affection.

From a musical perspective, with this song I placed emphasis on the desired outcome (giving side hugs or shaking hands) using major chords and lots of repetition.  I didn’t want to completely ignore the inappropriate behavior so I used a minor chord and less repetition to reflect on the undesired action.

Take a listen and check out the lyrics from the first verse below.


At school I see my teachers and friends.
I like my teachers and friends.
To show them I’m happy, to show them I care,
I give a friendship hug.
Friendship hug, friendship hug
That’s a hug from the side, a friendship hug.
Sometimes I want to give a kiss
But that’s not ok at school.
No kisses, No kisses.
That’s not ok at school.  Instead I give a ….
Friendship hug, friendship hug
That’s a hug from the side, a friendship hug.

Could anyone you know use this song in their therapy sessions, classes, at home?  Please share it with them using the share buttons below OR just send them an email link.   My goal is to always help others, and your support in the process is much appreciated!!


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