Fruit in the Basket: Learning Syllables

Hey there! Today I wanted to share part of an email that I recently received:

“Our class is working on clapping out syllables in their names and things like that. Do you have any activities that involve clapping out syllables that you might be able to share??”

When I first received this message, a LOT of ideas ran through my mind. After I little brainstorming, I eventually settled on a rhythmic chant. Chants are catchy, simple, and highly repetitive. And you don’t need to be able to sing (even though I think everyone can!).

Tips & Tricks

Use a metronome.  A metro….what? A metronome is a little device that will keep a steady beat.  There are quite a few free apps that will do this for you. Nothing fancy is required. You can speed up or slow down the beat and therefore say the chant as fast or slow as you like. This frees YOU from being the rhythm keeper.

Add a visual element. Here is a sneak peek of the visual I created for this activity (you can get the download free below). Included is a large basket and the fruits. To add an extra dimension, use 3D objects (perhaps play food) for this game!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 2.11.43 PM

Make it personalized. The message I received mentioned clapping out syllables of names.  If I wanted to modify this for my class or family member names, I would use each person’s picture and put it in the basket instead.  Replace the word “fruit” with “family” and you are in business.

Let them decide.  Clearly there are more than the six fruits I used. Let your child or class brainstorm some of his own ideas and practice clapping those syllables.




Fruit in the basket that you know.
Clap out the syllables nice and slow.

(one fruit per verse)


How many syllables do you count?
Listen close and you’ll find out.

Again, the lyrics are easy to adapt. Change the word “fruit” to any other category word and ta da! You have endless vocabulary to practice clapping syllables.

What do you do to teach syllables? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment or send a note –

Sing on,


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