Hop on board the addition train!

Who doesn’t love an addition song? I know, I know. I’m a huge math song enthusiast. And adding numbers 0-9 is a skill that MANY of the students that I serve are working on.  Another big plus – many of my kids LOVE trains! And pairing a preferred item with a task that may or may not be “fun” is a great way to capture their motivation!

The real trick with this tune was to leave enough time for processing in the recording as the student counts.  You’ll hear in the recording what feels like “dead time” but trust me, it will go quickly as your child or student is counting.

Tips & Tricks

  • The start/stop button or remote is your friend. If your child needs more time for counting during any point of the song, hit pause.  Let them finish and then move on to the next step.
  • Change it up.  The beauty of this song is that the train could be carrying anything.  If trains are not motivating, then use an item or pictures of an item for counting that excites that child!
  • Count on.  This song utilizes the strategy of “counting on,” meaning once the child knows how many items in the first group, they start with that number as they count the second group.  For example with 6+4, “Here are 6.  Then 7, 8, 9, 10.”  You can use manipulatives or have a number line nearby.  Whatever works for your learner.
  • Use a visual. When you purchase the song from our store, you receive a simple visual of a train with 2 cars on the back.  Laminate and add some velcro and you’re in business (or use a magnet tray!) Here’s a little preview:Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.22.06 AM




Choo Choo! Choo Choo! clackity clack.
The addition train is rumbling down the track.
Choo Choo! Choo Choo! clackity clack.
How many ___ are in the cars on the back.

The first car has ____ (count them).
The second car has ____ (count them).
How many ____ in the whole train?
Start with ____ (and count on)
___(number) ____(item) in the cars on the back.
___(number) ____(item) in the cars on the back.

Repeat chorus.

I will definitely be using this song as a standard now that school is back in the swing of things. If you use this song, let me know how it goes. What other songs or strategies are out there for adding numbers up to 10+10?  Leave a comment or send me a note mary@musictherapykids.com.

Sing on,


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