I Know My Letters – with Halloween Cheer!

This weekend we took my son to the pumpkin patch, and despite his allergies, he had a blast. He fed animals, went for a hay ride, and picked out a pumpkin which he carefully examined to make sure there was “no stem.”  It was the first “cool” day we have had here in Texas so it really is beginning to feel like Fall.


Hence my inspiration for this week’s song.  I needed a new letter identification song but I didn’t want a song that could only be used one month out of the year.  The lyrics to this tune are easily adaptable for other holidays and seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter, and spring (see below).

Tips and Tricks

Add a visual element. You can make your own or purchase the song plus a ready made visual from the store. (below is a sneak peek). It includes all 26 upper and lower case letters.
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.26.48 AM

Repetition. I’ve said it before and will say it many more times.  Children need repetition to learn and they love games like these over and over again.  Sing and play frequently for best results.

Break it up. Don’t try to teach all 26 letters at once! Choose the letters of your child’s name or start with A-E. Once those are learned, introduce a few more. You could introduce a completely new group or just add 1-2 new letters to the letters that are already mastered.

Give choices. Offer two or three letters from which the child must find the letter you have called out. As they get better you can increases the number of choices he or she has to pick from.




I know my letters from A to Z.
I know my letters. Yes, you can watch me…
Make a pumpkin with Halloween cheer.
Put __ on his nose right here.

Repeat as many times as desired!

The last 2 lines can be easily be adapted. 

Make a flower with springtime cheer.
Put __ on the petal right here.


Make a snowman with holiday cheer.
Put __ on his hat right here.

I’m looking forward to creating more visuals as the other holidays and seasons approach. Stay tuned for availability of more visuals for this song!

Sing on,


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