Learn Left & Right with a fun, new song!

Today let’s get right to it!  For the past several months I have been using this song with success to teach the concept of left and right.  I came up with it on the fly during a session one day and it just stuck.  It’s now one of my client’s favorite songs, and I think a song so catchy should be shared with you all!

See it in action

Left & Right in Action

Tips & Tricks

  • When this song was first introduced, we traced the each of my client’s hands and feet and made labeled cutouts for them to match (pic). This is a fun way to get the child involved!
  • As the song is learned, remove the picture cues.
  • Incorporate instrument play.  If you have a drum or noisemaker, hold one out on either side for them to play during the clapping portion.
  • Your child will love clapping your hands and stomping his/her feet.  If you are modeling, remember to do the opposite hand for them.
  • Mix up the order.  Once they have mastered the song as written, then change up the order to make sure they aren’t simply memorizing a motor sequence.
  • Incorporate other body parts. For example: “left ear left” or “right hip right.”
  • When singing emphasize the important words – LEFT & RIGHT.



(I won’t score any points for original lyrics on this one but you won’t forget them, I promise)

Left & right. Left & right.

Left, left, left and right, right, right.

Left & right. Left & right.

Left, left, left and right, right, right.

Left hand left (clap! clap!) Right hand right (clap! clap!)

Left hand left (clap! clap!) Right hand right (clap! clap!)

*Second time through, switch the order up and add stomps for feet!*


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