My Teacher {Learning Names}

I hope you are having a great President’s Day! – Whether you’re at work or off for the day, thank you for taking the time to spend a portion of your day with us.

As promised back in the December letter (not signed up? you can here!), the songs I have been writing lately are in response to requests from readers just like you!  And it’s not too late.  If you a have a skill that needs a song, comment below or catch me at

Amanda writes, “this has been a struggle since my son started school….identifying teachers by name.  He still doesn’t know their names!”

So I created this song:



There are people I see everyday

When I’m out and about and on my way.

If I’m going to school or therapy,

I need to know their names because they want to help me.

With learning all the things I need to know

So I can be my best wherever I go!

My teacher is ________.

My teacher is ________.

I see her when I go to ____________.

My teacher is ________.

Tips & Tricks

  • repetition, repetition, repetition!
  • use real pictures of teachers and therapists to pair with the fill in version
  • use real pictures of the places to pair with the fill in version
  • sing this song in the car on the way to the people you are going to see.
  • need to learn other names? Family members perhaps? Quickly adapt the lyrics – “My sister’s name is ____.”
  • also check out Hello Friend! which focuses on greeting using a name (for example: Hello Mary!)

Like I mentioned before, if you have a skill that needs a song to enhance learning, please email me or comment below!  If you use this song successfully with your child or a client, please let us know.  We love success stories here at Music Therapy Kids and we want to hear from you!

See you again soon!


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