Numbers on the Number Line

Fun news!

Music Therapy Kids (and the local Sound Starts Music) are excited to be taking part in the Autism Speaks Walk for Dallas-Fort Worth this weekend!  Please stop by our booth and say hello! We will be giving away a super fun singable book and some CDs of music therapy favorites.  This is our first time to participate in a special needs resource fair of this size so its exciting AND a little scary (in a good way)!

Also, I am pumped to be sharing another song with you today.  Inspiration for these songs is never too far away.  All I have to do is review my clients’ goals OR ask parents and teachers, “what does ____ (name) need?”

This particular tune is the result of a need to work on number line sequencing.  The particular challenge for my client is going on to the next 10 when counting 3 & 4 digit numbers.  For example, unless prompted, he might say 227, 228, 229, 220 (instead of going to 230).  I am hoping that this tune paired with a counting by 10s song will help the student to A) stop & think, “hey this next number is different” and B)memorize correct responses in the context of the song.

I think you could very easily incorporate a visual with a whiteboard (either physical or on iPad) with this song, and that is exactly what I am planning to do. Listen below and stay tuned for updates about successes and tweaks for this song.  As you probably well know, what works for one child doesn’t always work for another. I never know how a song might go the first few times I try it out, but I am sure looking forward to singing this one tomorrow. Luckily, the flexibility of music allows me to easily make changes and adapted as needed.  (Or sometimes scrap the song and write a new one! Yes, that does happen.).



What numbers comes next on the number line?

What number comes next on the number line?

If you take your time, you’ll be just fine.

What number comes next on the number line?

6, 7, 8, 9 {stop and think about it!}  10!



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