Parts of a Whole

Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

This week has been nothing like I imagined it would be.  All of Dallas-Fort Worth got covered in ice which resulted in two days off from school! As I’m typing another round of snow is coming down though it’s not expected to last long. My son has also been sick so we have watched way too much Cars and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Definitely not the level of productivity I was hoping for but sometimes you just have to roll with it.

Parts of a Whole

I wrote this song to help to address the goal of naming parts of a larger whole. The full version of this song uses a bus and an elephant as examples.  A bus has seats, doors, wheels.  An elephant has a tail, body, ears, and trunk.  You could use tons of different objects.  In fact this free visual created by a Speech Language Pathologist is the perfect visual to go with the fill in version of the song.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use this visual Parts of a Whole  to go with the bus/elephant version.  Have the child point to each part as you listen.
  • Download this freebie to go with the fill-in the blank version.
  • You can incorporate real objects too. Scour the toy stash to get started!
  • Practice, practice! I’m always reminding you of this point because it really is important.  Just last week I was personally reminded.  I have been using another song to target the initial /p/ sound. Once my client learned the words (lots and lots of repetition over several sessions), we are finally starting to hear those sounds!  Exciting moment for him and his family!
  • Want your targets objects/parts customized? Purchase a custom song in the store.



Bigger things have smaller parts that make them oh so big.

Put together all the parts. They make the whole, the whole, the whole ______.

An ______ has ______. An ______ has ______.

An ______ has ______. An ______ has ______.

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Stay warm!


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