Pinspiration! {Mr. Potato Head & Sequencing Song}

How is your day going today?  I am lucky enough to be spending my middle of the day “break” (aka 1 hour to get stuff DONE!) finally working on my Mr. Potato Head song.  I wrote this song quite a while back and never got around to recording it.

As a Pinterest enthusiast, I often spend my time there looking for all things creative.  Not just songs either.  If I want to come up with some cute family photo poses, I go to Pinterest.  If I’m looking for ideas for gifts, I go to Pinterest.  And I go there too when looking for new and creative ideas for music therapy interventions.

This song is a result of one of my “pinning” sessions.  I kept seeing pins like this one and thought, “Lots of my clients are working on sequencing.  This would be super cute and effective with a song!”  So “Oh My Potato Head” was born.

You could really use this song for a variety of reasons – sequencing with picture cards, body part recognition, following directions, decision making, motor skills/coordination to name a few.  It is an absolute favorite of many of my students.  They love to interchange the parts to make a girl or boy potato head.  Sometimes we make silly, happy, sad, handsome, or pretty potato heads.  The blank song allows you as much freedom (the child choose the pieces) or structure (only pieces shown in the pictures are used) as needed.

No Mr. Potato Head? No worries.  You can use these free printables.  Or check out local garage sales on the weekend.

I also created these cards for sequencing but you may find it more helpful to make your own if your pieces are different that mine.

pdf potato head pic

Quick Tip:  Remember to have the pause button nearby if the student needs extra time to complete what is asked of him/her.



Oh my potato head!  Who are you going to be?

Give him a _____.  Give him a _____.

He looks so happy to me!



Have you ever paired a Mr. Potato Head with music?   It’s an interesting combination but it works!  Enjoy!



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