This page contains my favorite, must check out resources.  They are divided into 3 categories: 1) music therapy information, 2) music therapy practices who offer easy to use products, and 3) places I recommend purchasing instruments or sheet music.

Learn more about music therapy:

amta logoAmerican Music Therapy Association (AMTA). This is the national organization for music therapists.  Lots of great info can be found here about music therapy.

CBMTCertification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). This organization oversees the certification of music therapists at the national level.

swamta logoSouthwestern Region AMTA. AMTA is divided into many regions, and each region has their own “mini” association.  Here is Texas, I am part of this region.

Get more music strategy inspiration:

Listen n LearnListen & Music.  One of my favorite go to sites and honestly I just love Rachel’s blog and hearing about all she is doing in Illinois.  She writes and sells original songs to “help children learn and grow through music.”

coastCoast Music Therapy. An outstanding music therapy practice in San Diego, CA.  They also sell products specifically designed to meet music therapy objectives. You will also find a fun video series on emotion recognition.

musicworx logoMusicWorx. Another San Diego music therapy practice.  It happens to be where I completed my internship prior to graduation.  I love this company and you will find helpful resources here as well.

Buy Instruments and Props:

west music logoWest Music.  You can’t go wrong with this company. They are the most affordable and comprehensive source for instruments out there.  I use them almost exclusively when purchasing instruments for my practice.

music artsMusic & Arts.  This store is a national brand.  I do not buy instruments here, but always pick up sheet music and piano/guitar instructional materials here.  They give “teachers” a discount so that is always helpful!