Rhyming Words and Word Families {an easy song}

There is never a lack of inspiration in my work. Every child’s needs are incredibly unique, and I have the pleasure of using music to help each one meet individual goals.  My dream job! Today’s song – Rhyme Song – I actually wrote several years ago. It has a variety of uses but was originally designed to work on rhyming words. Having field tested this one for so long, I know that it works! The children learn the words quickly and have fun with the rhythm.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use this free Rhyme Song Visual with the song. Words from the -AT and -AN families are included. Student must select the missing letter.
  • Make your own pictures for words from other word families.
  • Pair only the picture and initial letter to work on initial sound or letter/sound correspondence.
  • For more advanced students, remove the picture cue.
  • For those working on phonetic reading practice sounding out each letter of the targeted word during the spelling part of the song.
  • Have your music player nearby to start/pause the music as needed!



Some words are a lot alike. They even sound the same.
But if you change one letter, you’ll make a new word.
These are the words that rhyme.
Bat, bat. Let’s spell bat. Buh, buh, buh. B-A-T spells bat!

After you give this song a try or two, let us know how it is going. You can get a copy to take with you on the go here. What is working? What is challenging? We want to hear from you!

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