Snowmen letters – an upcycled song with brand new visuals

How was your Thanksgiving? My family came to visit and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and spending time with them.


We treated ourselves to a Thanksgiving feast at Maggiano’s and also investigated the Trains at Northpark exhibit. Jaxon was not the only one who was fascinated by this model train display! There was also some tree decorating and peg board building thrown in there too! In fact, the peg board experience deserves its very own post so stay tuned.




With winter just around the corner, it is finally time to pull out my favorite holiday tunes. I can’t wait to get started this week!  I will definitely be using the tune in today’s post as well. Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the Pumpkin Letters song?

My intention was to create a song that could be used all year round with minor tweaks.  Today, I’ve upcycled the song for letter identification using a snowman visual.

Tips & Tricks

Go digital. After I created the visual for the original pumpkin song, I immediately realized that having a million little pieces was less than convenient when traveling from school to school all day. I used Keynote and created a file that allowed me to keep a few letters on each page and avoid the mess and confusion of looking for each letter.

Need more processing time? I found that some of my students needed a little longer to locate the requested letter.  The simple solution is to repeat the last line with slightly varied lyrics (for example: “X, X, X, X goes on his hat right here”).

Location words: an unexpected bonus. Using the visual I made on keynote, I further adapted the last lyric line. As a general rule I don’t mix too many skills into one song. However, some of my students have mastered letter recognition and instead are working on position words.  Singing “Put X under his arm.” or “Put Z above his head.” allows me to easily address location words!




I know my letters from A to Z.
I know my letters. Can you help me…
Make a snowman with holiday cheer.
Put [letter] on his hat right here.

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And that’s it! This song allows me to keep working on the same concept and meeting my students’ needs without having to do a ton of new work to get started. Saving time AND getting great results? Yes, please!!

Sing on,


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