Top – Middle – Bottom {Position Words}

How is today treating you? This weekend has been a huge “catch up” one for me.  I’ve been working on all those small projects that I never seem to get to during the week (like reconciling my accounts, paying taxes, and organizing paperwork).  It wasn’t all work, though. My husband, son, and I spent a better part of the morning playing at the park. The weather was just right for a morning outside!

Today’s song is one I wrote a LONG while back.  The particular student which inspired its creation has a visual and hearing impairment so knowing position words is of tremendous importance for him.  At the time he was learning “top” “middle” and “bottom.”  This simple tune jumped right into my mind and it worked beautifully.  We practiced identifying the top, middle, and bottom of items from all over the classroom – his cup, eating utensils, and cane; music instruments, the computer, furniture, you name it. We sang about it!

Using this song

The use of this song is fairly straightforward. Point or touch the corresponding part of the item.  We also learned the signs for “top” “middle” “bottom” and practiced signing those words during the chorus. It’s catchy and very repetitive so you will have lots of opportunities to practice!



Top, middle, bottom. Top, middle, bottom. Everything has a top, middle, bottom.

Top, middle, bottom. Top, middle, beottom. Everything has a top, middle, bottom.

The cup has a top, top. The cup has a middle, middle. The cup has a bottom, bottom.

Top, middle, bottom. Top, middle, bottom. Everything has a top, middle, bottom.


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