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Songwriting Challenge

So even though I just posted a rhyming song a couple days ago, I have already been hard at work on the next one for you! It typically takes me a little longer in between posts. Why so soon? Well, Rachel Rambach over at Listen and Learn Music is hosting a songwriting challenge!


I signed up right away and am looking forward to the challenge of writing 5 new songs over the next five weeks! I also figured, if I am going to be creating the songs, then I might as well get some extra mileage by sharing them with you.

The first writing prompt was to create a new greeting song. As music therapists, we tend to plan our sessions in an arc with an opening, middle, and closing.  For me that means starting each session by giving my clients an opportunity to say “hello” to each other. As you know, I serve children with special needs. I wrote simple lyrics with a lively strumming pattern that I hope will be quite fun for them!

I gave it a go this afternoon with good initial response. My clients who easily adapt to change loved it! For those who look forward to the structure of singing the same songs each time, I ended up singing both the new AND old greeting song. I know that after hearing a few more repetitions, they will begin to sing along and request the new song. These things just take a little time!

Tips & Tricks

  • Any greeting song is a fantastic way to begin a session (or circle time, home music time, or another therapy session). Beginning with an consistent opening song creates a sense of structure and safety, especially for a child who needs routine.
  • The way I originally wrote the song was to say hello twice to each child. If you have a large group then say a different name with each opportunity.  Then you can greet at least 6 kids by going through the song once!
  • Use the short pause after “hello name.” to verbally say “Hi!”
  • Add a waving gesture.



Hi, hello, and welcome to music time, music time.
It’s time to sing and time to play, but first we need to say…..

Hello Jaxon, Hello Jaxon. It’s great to see you here!
Hello Name 2, Hello Name 2. It’s great to see you here!
Hello Name 3, Hello Name 3. It’s great to see you here!

Hi, hello, and welcome to music time, music time.
It’s time to sing and time to play, but first we need to say…..hello!


If you want your own copy, head over to the store and check it out. I am so looking forward to the next songwriting prompt that will be coming announced next Wednesday. Stay tuned for the next creation! In the meantime, let us know about your experience with the song – mary@musictherapykids.com.

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