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Does this sound familiar?

You love music therapy and you know you do good work.

You dream of having your own private practice, seeing clients for music therapy on your terms. You can picture the clinic space you’ll open someday. Or you drive around town thinking about the people you could serve. Maybe you even have one or two private clients of your own already.

Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and are ready to step things up a notch!

But Here's the Problem:

You don’t know how to get from that dream to a real-life, thriving private practice.

It’s true – we don’t learn much in the way of business skills when we’re studying to become music therapists. It’s just not part of the curriculum, even though many of us go into private practice to continue our clinical work as music therapists.

Frustrating, right?

We're Here To Help!

We know exactly what this frustration feels like, because we’ve been there, too. We are two board-certified music therapists who have each built successful music therapy practices from the ground up.

Hi, I'm Mary!

Over the past six years I have built a thriving business to consumer practice from the ground up.

Starting as a solo practioner and growing to a team of four in a dedicated center space, we have served hundreds of families directly through private pay, grants, and insurance reimbursement.


I am passionate about empowering other music therapists (that means YOU!) to dream big in their practice so that more families can access services and benefit from music therapy.

Hi, I'm Rachelle!

I started my business in 2004, straight out of internship, with minimal business knowledge. Since then, with the help of coaches and mentors and through a TON of trial and error, I have built a strong and sustainable music therapy business in Kansas City, where the Soundscaping Source team serves older adults in senior living, hospice, and private homes.


I have learned a lot over the last 13+ years, and I am proud of what we have built. I have always been passionate about music therapy and assured in my clinical skills, but now I feel confident and strong as a business woman, too.


I can’t wait to help you grow your practice with much less of the “trial and error” that I went through as a business owner. More importantly – I can’t wait to help you feel confident and self-assured, too.

We’ve both seen the ups and downs of business development.


We’ve learned a lot along the way and now we want to share that hard-won wisdom with you.

It seems like yesterday when Rachelle Norman (2004) and Mary Altom (2007) interned at MusicWorx.  Collectively Rachelle and Mary have almost 25 years of experience in the music therapy field, growing businesses in their respective cities.  They have the “hands-on know-how” on what it takes to move a music therapy practice to the next level.  If you are looking for real-life, authentic help in bringing music therapy to your community, this is the place to start.  I highly recommend that you learn from the “best and brightest” music therapists and business owners that are trending in our profession today.

Barbara Reuer

Musicworx, Inc. & Resounding Joy, Inc.

We’re teaming up to provide you a unique opportunity to grow your private practice this year.

With this online course and group coaching program, we’ll help you fill in the missing pieces and gain confidence in your business skills.

We’ll teach you best practices and help you avoid the common obstacles that trip up private practice owners.

We’ll help you get more clients and build a strong and sustainable practice.

By the end, you’ll be feeling smart, savvy, and totally boss.

Here's How We'll Rock It:

Our work together unfolds over 60 days, beginning with a self-assessment, and ending with an action plan for the next 90 days.

Before We Begin

Like any good music therapists, we start with an assessment of where you are now, and where you want to go from here. This preparation ensures you are fully ready to rock.


Module 1: Identify Your Ideal Clients

The first big step to building your biz is getting crystal clear on which clients you want to focus on in your practice. You’ll get clear on your ideal client, and you’ll learn strategies for market research, so you can figure out how to identify those ideal clients and how best to connect with them. You’ll also get a clear picture of the healthcare landscape for your target population when you identify and research related service providers, referral sources, and competitors. This research will help you move forward with attracting your ideal clients

Module 2: Attract and Retain Clients

Once you’ve honed in on the population you want to serve, you are ready to start attracting them. In this module, we’ll drill down into marketing tactics (including networking, health fairs, advertising) and sales techniques (that is, how to turn a free consultation into a new client.) We’ll also talk about best practices for client retention over the long term and how to handle the emotional side of clients coming and going.

Module 3: Setting Up Systems for Success

Once the new clients start rolling in, you’ll need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row so that you can serve them well… without running yourself into the ground! In this module, you’ll consider the space where you have sessions, your policies and paperwork (including systems for bookkeeping, clinical documentation, and project management), and scheduling. You’ll also learn about non-traditional, innovative ways to bring in new business, such as special events, camps, recordings, and other related services.


By the end of this 60 days, you’ll be full of new knowledge and new energy to take your private practice to the next level. The final step is completing your plan for the next 90 days, to keep you on track and continue building your momentum as you move forward with growing your biz.

Here's What You Get:


Online Training

For each of the three modules described above, you’ll get video training and action guides in our password-protected online training center. Each step is broken down into bite-sized videos so you don’t get overwhelmed and action guides to keep you moving forward.

Small Group Coaching & Support

During each of FOUR small group coaching calls, we’ll hone in on what you’re learning in the online training, and talk about how to apply your new knowledge to your unique situation. We’ll also hold each other accountable for taking action, and we’ll help you get past the overwhelm and fear that is keeping you from taking action.

Private Coaching

Throughout the program, you’ll have access to 1:1 time Mary and Rachelle. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in one focused conversation.

Once Central Place For Everything You Need.

All of the trainings, done-for-you materials and templates, call recordings, schedules, and other information are housed in one user-friendly website. Got a question? You’ll find the answer here. (And if you can’t, email us for an answer ASAP!)


Done-For-You Materials

There’s a lot to create when you’re starting a private practice from scratch – policies, forms, brochures, and more! We’re giving you a shortcut – you’ll have access to done-for-you materials and templates ready to download and adapt for your purposes.

Bonus! Two months membership in MT Insider

As an added bonus, you’ll also get access to MT Insider, our monthly membership program for music therapy business owners and clinicians.

Here you can connect with peer support in our private Facebook group, and you’ll have access to a ton of downloadable online resources related to music therapy business and clinical work.

You’ll also have access to office hours with Rachelle – your opportunity to have a private laser coaching session focused on whatever issues are on your mind. 

This means up to four additional private laser coaching sessions during your time in Rock That Practice – a $350 value by itself!

Bonus #2! Two months membership in the Music Therapy Kids Club

As a second added bonus, you’ll also get access to the Music Therapy Kids Club, Mary’s monthly membership program for music therapists who work with kids!.

You’ll have access to a resource libary of original songs, online training vault, and monthly session plans!

You’ll also have access to office hours with Mary – your opportunity to have a 1:1 coaching session focused on whatever issues are on your mind. 

This means additional CMTE credit at no cost and additional coaching time during your time in Rock That Practice – $200 of added value alone!

Here's What Past Participants Say About Us:

You’re going to feel so CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED by the time this program ends!

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

My business is in the rebuilding stage. After 24 yrs of contracted work with a Community Action Head Start Program I am starting over. My business model is changing from a home based office/traveling to sites to a brick and mortar site that will consist of both onsite services and traveling. This course is helping me think through each stage of what I need to do to increase the possibility of success. Both Rachelle and Mary present their experiences and knowledge in a way that makes learning easy!

Kathy Odenkirk

Imagine the Posibillities Music Therapy & Piano Studio, LLC, Participant in Rock That Practice

This program offered immense practical information and resources which will enable me to grow my music therapy business. Instruction was succinct, well organized, delivered personably yet professionally in videos and printed materials. The course work books and prepared materials, so generously provided, have given me what I need to pave the way forward with confidence to develop my music therapy private practice. The group calls and bonus private call were incredibly supportive and provided the human face time. Thank you so much for creating this course.

Jan Pearce

Tonic Music Therapy, Participant in Rock That Practice

Rachelle and Mary provided a wealth of information for all levels of business practice growth. The materials provided allowed for much personal and professional insight and awareness. The program was supportive and they both provided real-life examples of successes and struggles. Rock that Practice helped me become more confident and focused in my business goals!

Brittany Scheer

Living Music LLC, Participant in Rock That Practice

The wealth of information and expertise Rachelle and Mary provided in Rock That Practice helped me take my new private practice to the next level. Taking this course gave me a boost of confidence to develop and run a private practice to fit my goals and lifestyle.

Amy Standridge

Oak Song Music Therapy, Participant in Rock That Practice

This program helped me to achieve the focus that I needed to take the next steps toward gaining new contacts and clients. It also helped me define my business and services in a clear and concise way that I can be confident about when reaching out to potential partners and clients. 

Katherine Haliwell

Full Circle Music Services, Participant in Rock That Contract

Are you ready to rock?

We can’t wait to support you as you build up your private practice!


You’re going to get ongoing access to the information and tools you need (way more than a typical CMTE course!)


Plus, you’ll get motivation and support from your peers and from TWO seasoned music therapy business owners.

With that? You’ll be unstoppable.


Join by midnight on Sunday January 13th, and in addition to all of the fantastic content and support in Rock That Practice, you’ll also get a Promotional Material Review ($175 value). Rachelle or Mary will do a personal video review of a marketing piece that you send to us, so you can use that feedback to improve your messaging or design.

No more wondering if you’ve got the look, style, and message that reflects the services you share with the world. You can be confident that your marketing materials will project your brand and do what they were designed to do – grow your business! 

Fast Action Bonus: Marketing Material Review Expires in.....








Plans and Pricing

We have a plan to fit your needs.

Rock That Practice

Stretch Our Your Payments
$591/3 payments of $197
  • Online Training Modules
  • Printable Workbook
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls
  • Individual Time with Rachelle and Mary
  • Done-For-You Materials
  • 10+ CMTE credits (see FAQ)
  • BONUS: 2 months of MT Insider ($249 value!)
  • BONUS: 2 months of Music Therapy Kids Club ($200+ value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS: Promotional Material Review ($175 value)

Got Questions? We have Answers.

Will this help me build my music therapy business?

Yes! Whether you are just starting out or have been on your journey for a while, you’ll find the skills that we teach and put in practice together are applicable across clinical settings. Getting clients, networking, handling follow up, closing the deal – all of these happen in any business setting you might be considering.

This course includes training and materials for EVERY stage of the practice development process, from identifying your ideal client to implementating successful systems in your practice. We’ve got you covered in the information department.

The REALLY awesome thing about this program, though, is that we’ll get to dig into the specifics of YOUR situation in our group calls and your individual coaching session. You’ll get exactly the help YOU need right now, for whatever quandaries come up. I cannot overstate the importance of this group coaching process. Participating in this kind of group has made a world of difference for our  businesses, and we know it can do the same for you.

I'm super busy! What if I can't make the group calls?

We get busy-ness! We do encourage you to make the calls a priority, since that is where some of the best stuff happens, BUT, if you have to miss a call for some reason, know that you’ll still have access to the recording later. You can also send us any questions/concerns beforehand to address on the recording if you can’t make it live. We also keep in touch throughout the program in our private Facebook group.

What will we talk about on the calls?

Each call will address specific topics related to the training material. In addition, we allocate plenty time to help you with questions and topics specific to you and your journey.

Is CMTE credit available for this course?

Of course! You can count the time you spend engaged in this program as a non-pre-approved educational course. The number of CMTEs you earn will vary depending on the time you spend with the material and participation in the calls, but it will be at least 10 CMTEs. We will help you with the documentation.

I'm worried about the cost. Is this worth it?

First of all, we do have a payment plan available to make this workable for your monthly budget planning.

But still, consider this – how long will it take you to land enough work on your own? How many books and articles will you have to read? How much energy and stress and worry will it take to get you across the finish line? How much trial and error can you afford?

If you could build your music therapy practice just three months or six months sooner, what difference would that make for your bottom line?

Personally, We have both done the DIY route, and it took way too long to see a return on all the time and energy invested. If we could have taken a shortcut, we would have!

All that being said, here is a direct comparison:

Create two-four hours of work per week, and within a month, you’ll make back your investment in this program plus some.

I'm not sure I can do this right now. Will you offer it again?

Our next group cohort is tentatively planned for January of 2019. But really, can you wait that long? Another 6 months to get started? You can jump on the fast track now – why wait?

Will you review my marketing materials?

While a full edit is beyond the scope of this program, we can use some of our time in coaching calls to go over your materials, and you can post your materials in the Facebook group for feedback from your peers.

Take advantage of our fast-acting bonus, and you will receive a video review of the marketing material of your choice!

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Join the 7 day mini email course that will revitalize your sessions with kids! Get a lesson every day with fresh music strategies and tips for running groups that you can use right away.

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Amp Up My Rep!

Join the 7 day mini email course that will revitalize your sessions with kids! Get a lesson every day with fresh music strategies and tips for running groups that you can use right away.

You're all set! Day one of the mini-course is on its way.